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Toddlers Can Do Orofacial Myology


Sandra Coulson

"We try to figure out what strategies will support what families are going to do..."

PASSWORD: ICAPLIVE Sandra Coulson is a legend in the field of Orofacial Myology. This video is a must watch for anyone that wants to provide top quality care for their OMT patients.

Sandra Coulson presents at ICAP 2018

Presentation Objectives


"The role of the Orofacial Myologist: As an infant and toddler therapists, we play an important role in guiding each infant's and toddler's behavior and learning. The environment makes a difference in how children develop and learn. Chidlren's learning and development depend in large part on the therapist creating responsive and engaging interactions and experiences within the environment"

This is Sandra Coulson's philosophy that she talks about at length in her presentation at the 2018 ICAP conference. Sandra is a legend in this field and her advice and wisdom is a precious resource for any orofacial myologist.

Therapy Approach

Tongue Tie Therapy Is Still a Struggle