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The Tongue Is for Life - Seeing the End in the Beginning


Dr. Marjan Jones

"So much of our education is how does something look..."

PASSWORD: ICAPLIVE Dr. Jones, an ICAP board member, talks about forensics and diagnosis in problems with breastfeeding

Proper diagnosis is critical to separating competency from compensating

Early Intervention is Critical


"There is a difference between competency and compensation." Most patients believe they are OK, because they measure their health to a lower standard. Dr. Jones goes into detail on how she diagnoses patients to determine if they are truly well or just compensating.

This video is a must watch for therapists and medical professionals who want to not only learn more about breastfeeding and tongue tie problems, but how to go about better diagnosing these problems and separating competency from compensation.

Starting Point of Aberrant Functions

Possible Compensation