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The Impact of Ankyloglossia on Tongue Mechanics


Dr. Bobby Ghaheri

"We need to focus on vacuum generation as the model [for breastfeeding]"

PASSWORD: ICAPLIVE Dr. Ghaheri draws upon personal life experience as well as technical data to refute common beliefs about tongue tie and breastfeeding.

Dr. Ghaheri refutes the old paradigms of breastfeeding and explains why tongue tie affects effective nourishment

Watch this video to see ultrasounds of feeding


Dr. Ghaheri's presentation refutes the 1986 Woolridge data that supported a "rippling" of the nipple with the tongue during breastfeeding. Instead of the nipple and breast being like an udder, the baby actually creates a vacuum while sucking. It is because of this paradigm that tongue tie, which affects the middle of the tongue, causes such problems with breastfeeding.

"The average interval [for a doctor to change their mind] is 17 years...and even then they don't change their mind." says Dr. Ghaheri. However, after watching this presentation, it should not take too long to understand that breastfeeding is not a peristaltic wave of action. "It is not nipple feeding, it is breastfeeding. The nipple is a conduit for breastfeeding only."

Dr. Ghaheri backs up his assertions in this video with very dense, fact rich studies that prove breastfeeding is vacuum based. Because of this, the mechanics of the tongue muscle directly impact the effectiveness of breastfeeding.

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