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From Triangles to Octagons: the Expanded TOTs Team


Michelle Emanuel

Just because we come form a certain profession does not mean we know about tethered oral tissues

PASSWORD: ICAPLIVE Michelle goes through a lecture about tethered oral tissue from the perspective for a an IBCLC

Triangles and Octagons

Michelle Emanuel Discusses Teamwork among Multiple Disciplines in Tongue Tie Care

Michelle talks about expanding the growth of knowledge on tethered oral tissues among IBCLCs. In this presentation she focuses on treatment methods and teamwork that is involved with these treatment methods.

Michelle brings decades of experience to the field and her input has helped many other Orofacial Myofunctional therapists, including some of the ICAP board members. She is the founder/creator of the TummyTime Method. Please take some time and see what Michelle has to say.

The Previous Triangle Method

The Octagon Method