Myofunctional Therapy and Its Role in Tongue Ties


Nicole Goldfarb interviewed by Dr. Padmanabhan Yuvaraj

Just because something is common, does not mean it is normal. Snoring, mouth breathing, and even dental malocclusion are common characteristics in the human species, however these are not “normal “or optimal characteristics to overall health and development. Myofunctional Therapy has a positive impact on the growth and development of the oral cavity and is proven to be beneficial for these suboptimal features that many people face.

Myofunctional plays a significant role in the treatment of tongue ties, sleep disordered breathing, and dental malocclusion. Dr. Padmanabhan Yuvaraj, a dentist in India, interviews
the Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist Nicole Goldfarb in order to dispel myths and disclose facts about myofunctional therapy.

In-depth interview discussing the benefits of Myofunctional Therapy. Don't know what this is....Listen in.


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